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  1. I'm using Particular to add water to some footage of a broken fountain. I have another fountain as reference and I'm trying it get it to look as real as possible.

    Here's how it is at the moment, with the other, working fountain on the right:

    I've had some feedback on what to do, but I'm not sure how to make the adjustments, can anyone help?

    Remove whispy bits on the top of streams

    Particles are faster than the real fountain - lower my gravity and decrease the emitter force, but just a little bit. (I've tried adjusting the gravity and the velocity, but doing that changes the size of the stream of water.)

    Add some randomness to the emitter force so it's not so static. (I've tried Velocity Random and Perodicity Rnd. Changing Velocity Random makes the stream lose its shape. Perodicity seems to change some of the smaller edge particles, doesn't make much difference.)

    Add a secondary spray of smaller particles - use the Aux System to emit particles from the main particles, which will also interact with the wind. (I've attempted this, the particles are all falling in vertical lines though rather than a large cluster.)

    Add some light modelling the volume.

    Try some lens blur/motion blur to blend it in better. (I've tried adding motion blur using Particular and it created a strange wavy effect.)
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    I don't think we have that many trapcode particular users's just 400 dollars too expensive.

    But it looks very good.

    I would try ...but the forum seems gone though. .
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  3. Definitely blur it more if that's the background plate that you're going to use . You can precompose and use other AE blur techniques

    I know you've purposely angled some of the streams, but you might adding particle bounce to the one or more faces of the fountain with angled bounce layers with one or more instances (there is no particle physics bounce in your example, buy particular does have rudimentary bounce physics)

    Or have a look outside of AE at programs like realflow for more realistic water simulation
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