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  1. Hello,

    i am completely new to this.

    I have got 200+ season of series of which i want to merge the SRT with the MKV

    Can anybody help me on this?

    I want to merge all MKV files (also setting the language to English) with the SRT files (setting language to Dutch)

    Is there a simple way of merging these files season by season while making the proper language settings?

    Doing it episode by episode will take me ages since there are over 4500 episodes.
    I started out with creating 2 folders on my desktop (one called "to merge", the other "merged" thinking this maybe would prove easier

    Thanks guys!
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  3. Hi,

    I had the same problem as yourself and put together the below PowerShell Script to achieve the batch muxing of subtitles.

    #Batch Merge Subtitles with MKVMerge - Iain McCain

    #Set MKVMerge.exe Path
    $MKVMerge = 'C:\Program Files\MKVToolNix\mkvmerge.exe'
    #Set Target
    $Directory = "Z:\Films\"
    #Set Subtitle Extension
    $SubExtension = ''

    $Subs = Get-ChildItem $Directory -Filter "*.$SubExtension" -Recurse | % { $_.FullName } | Sort-Object
    $Count = $Subs.count
    Write-Host "$Count MKV's to be processed."

    Foreach ($Sub in $Subs)
    #Get File Name
    $FormatName = $Sub.ToString()
    $Name = $FormatName.TrimEnd(".$SubExtension")
    $MKV = $Name + '.mkv'

    #Set Output File Name
    $Output = $Name + '___MERGED' + '.mkv'

    & $MKVMerge -o "$Output" --default-track "0" --language "0:eng" "$Sub" "$MKV"

    #Clean Up
    Remove-Item $MKV
    Remove-Item $Sub
    Rename-Item $Output -NewName $MKV
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