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    Are there any free programs to use?
    How do they find the footage to use and is it legal to use copyrighted material like that?
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  2. AviUtl is free and should be able to do most of what's in those videos. But I hear it's hard to use. Commercial editors would be programs like Sony Vegas, Premiere Pro, etc. Actually, I think there's an old version of the latter available for free now.

    Using copyrighted/trademarked material as in those videos is probably "fair use". But the rightsholder can still sue you and cost you tens of thousands of dollars in lawyers fees defending yourself. This is a common tactic when a large corporation wants to silence a small critic. Some countries require the loser to pay the winners lawyer's fees in cases like this. Not (usually) in the USA though.
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  3. Do you know where to get it, I googled everywhere and nothing worked.
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