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  1. Sorry if I didn't find a similar topic but I was trying to rip some blu rays to a Seagate Wireless Plus so that my son can watch his many many cartoons. As I'm a noob at this, would appreciate the expertise of this forum. He'll be a happy camper with his ipad if all of this works well.

    I have a 3 year old laptop running Win 7 but need to buy a usb blu ray player.....are there any you could recommend that is dependable. I was looking at the LG 14X usb 3.0 BE14NU40.....seems to have some good reviews on Amazon.

    Second, I need to use a pretty basic blu ray ripping software that can rip my blu rays and DVD to the right format. Any recommendations for an easy to use (for a noob like me) software (doesn't have to be free) that works well for ripping blu rays and DVD?

    Thanks again for everybody's help!
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    This can be done for free if you like, and the programs I'm going to recommend are very popular and relatively easy to use.

    The first step is to decrypt the Blu-ray movie. The free way to do this is to use MakeMKV which can rip the main movie only as an MKV file, or in Backup Mode, you can rip the entire movie to the hard drive. Once on the hard drive, you use either Handbrake or VidCoder (a different GUI for Handbrake) to make your MP4 files that will be compatible with an iPad. Both of these conversion programs have presets for iPads.

    MakeMKV is free while in beta, and has been in beta for many years now, but you will have to install a new beta key every couple of months or so, or install a new version when it is released. You can find the beta keys here:

    If you don't mind paying for a decryption program, you should get AnyDVD HD. Make sure to get the HD version which works for Blu-ray. This will run in the background and allow you to convert straight from the disc with VidCoder or Handbrake if you wish to do it this way. Another possible choice, which works in a similar manner would be DVDFab Passkey for Blu-ray.

    The external LG burner you mentioned is a very good choice.
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    the simple method
    skip blu-ray, but his cartoons on DVD
    use Dfab to rip each title to an MP4 for his ipad
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  4. Thanks for your advice Kerry56 and theewizard. I'll try the demo for these and try them out!
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