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    Hello Experts,

    I have used the trick detailed in for cracking my Samsung blue ray disc player BD-F1500. Its an old model (locked with C & 5 ) but still worked the trick for the DVD and I can play all region DVD now.

    Thanks to the brain behind the idea and the heart behind the share.

    Being greedy, I am trying my luck to get the Blu-ray region lock also removed from my player. Is there any know tricks for removing the Blu-ray region code locks so that I can play Blu-ray discs with code A, B or C in my player ? If there is any trick that worked on any player, I would love to try that.

    Appreciate any comments.

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    the code is for the dvd side only. the bluray side is still locked
    there are very few bluray players that can be unlocked.
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