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  1. Hello

    So I have about 30 avi files which I need to trim/cut the first and last 11 sec video and audio off, so I've been searching the web for an hour now and I cant seem to find anything that can do the same operation to multiple files in one go so that means I have to manually use fx Avidemux and type in 11, set start then check the duration of the video (each video got a different duration) and minus that by 11 then put that in and set end then save it... If this program does not exist I know what to program next

    The video codec is Mpeg-4 and the audio is AC-3 in case that info is needed

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  2. I don't know about a batch method, but doesn't Avidemux display the location in time as well as frame number? You can't jump to the end and just move back 11 seconds?

    The problem with trimming is you can only cut on keyframes without re-encoding, and there's not necessarily going to be one exactly where you want to cut. If I remember correctly, when you use the navigation slider, Avidemux will always stop on a keyframe, and it might be useful to visually check which keyframe you'll be cutting on, in case there's not one exactly where you want it to be.

    As an example, use the navigation slider to navigate to any point after the beginning. Now move back a single frame using the single back arrow. Set the start point. Use the navigation slider to move a bit further on, then move forward by a single frame. Set the end point and save the AVI using copy for the audio and video. Check the saved AVI. You'll very likely find it doesn't start and end on the exact frames you specified because they weren't keyframes.
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