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  1. I know how to create a DVD in DVD Architect Pro 6.0 with no menus when using a single video. However, I want to import two or three videos into DVD Architect Pro to burn on a DVD with no menu so the DVD just plays from start to finish. I don't want to have to render the two (or three) videos together to create a single video so I can do this. Can this be done in DVD Architect Pro? Thanks for any help you can give me.
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  2. I saw that earlier, but didn't think it was what I needed. So linking them will make it seem as if it's one file? I'll study and do it. Thanks.
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  3. It most likely cannot stich videos together directly on its timeline (without linking them).
    If videos are encoded with same settings you might try some free tools to join those mpg's. Mpeg2cut2 for example. Then load it into DVD Architect.
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  4. Or just use the 'Add' button to join them and author using the freeware Muxman. Elementary streams only, though, so you may have to demux. And everything must be DVD-compliant to begin with.
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