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    I recently did a build of a new PC using the asRock z97 pro MB that has 1 PCIe 3.0 x16, 1 PCIe 2.0 x16, 2 PCI slots available to me.

    I'll be using this machine to convert SD video from video tape to digital format. I have an older ati PCI tv tuner/video card that I've used in the past to convert video. My results were ok. (not great)

    Since I have a new machine, I am looking for advice on some newer video&audio converter card that are PCIe 3 or PCIe 2 compatible.
    My goal in this upgrade is to get a card with as much video processing hardware as necessary and minimize CPU overhead. My overall goal is to optimize all the video processing components along the processing chain. Finding a video card with good signal processing hw on it is one step along the way. Any advice is appreciated.

    BTW, I have both Pinnacle Studio 16 and Sony Movie Studio 13 as my editing software. Having used Pinnacle versions 11 and 12 before, and living through their flakiness and low quality, I am probably going to try the Sony product.

    I am really trying to avoid problems that ppl have known solutions, such as video & audio out of synch, dropped frames, etc. Onboard video processing and high bus bandwith are two areas that the video card should excel at.

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    There are no new PCI or PCI-e capture devices able to do a better job for SD capture than a good USB capture device. USB 2.0 bandwidth limitations are not a much of a consideration today unless you are capturing HD sources. Some people here who are serious about VHS capture and restoration, or even do it for a living, say that their old XP system with an AGP slot for installing an ATI All-in-Wonder card out performs the up-to-date PC hardware they own for for VHS capture.

    You might want to read this recent thread for VHS capture recommendations to use with a modern system.

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    three jeeps, Do not post the same topic on several forums.
    Please do not cross post, once is enough.

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