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  1. Hi cats,

    please I wornder if the x264vfw encoder can also deinterlace.

    For example my extra commandline is:

    --tff --range tv --colorprim bt709 --transfer bt709 --colormatrix bt709 --keyint 33 --bframes 0 --sar 1:1 --log-level none
    but I would like also deinterlace using yadif, is this possible? thanks
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    XmediaRecode can De-interlace via Yadif. I sugest you use that instead.
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  3. ah ok, but is it a codec?
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  4. I don't think x264vfw can do it but does your VfW software not offer any deinterlacing filter?
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  5. mm no
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  6. I wonder if x264vfw can do it..
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  7. Originally Posted by marcorocchini View Post
    mm no
    What encoding software are you using anyways? Deinterlacing is a very basic function.
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  8. Why not just use the Yadif filter in Virtualdub......
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  9. I'm trying to export directly in h264 using the x264vfw trough my NLE ^^
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  10. Frame serve from your NLE to Virtualdub.. Won't cost you anything...
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