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  1. I made a big mistake of installing the kmplayer. I canít research for hours about something, but when I checked into it I didnít find people warning and you can always some that have probs so there is no way to know until you try something. I tried to keep it from installing with tons of defaults, but I guess it did anyway. It wasnít going to do what I wanted and I didnít particularly like it so I used their procedure to uninstall it. One day I went to play a flv video and wmp wouldnít play it. I had to change the file association and also reinstall the codec as that was messed up somehow. Just now I had done some recording with OBS and my elgato. I went to play one of those and I see it is now called a kmplayer.ts file and it wonít play. I am taking a look and this garbage has apparently changed all of my video files to kmplayer with various file types. I have no idea how to get these back to what they were so I can play them. It has apparently even got into my elgato program to modify the setting there. I canít play anything I record using it. I canít even get onto the km forums as the code sign in wonít work. I have sent a couple emails to the company but who knows when and if they will get back to fix this. I am incensed at this company. An uninstall needs to revert everything back to the way it was. Does anyone know how to fix this problem? Thanks
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  2. Ok, I may be able to fix this without too much trouble. I was looking and there is actually no ts or even mp4 listed in default progs! I was looking at my videos and not all have been changed. Those that weren’t messed with would play in wmp fine. I didn’t want to make things worse but when I clicked a kmplayer.mp4 it on the warning box I could check to select a way to play it. It then selected wmp and that has changed what appears to be all of the mp4’s back to a normal file name. I did the same for the ts files. I guess as I go if any other diff files come up I’ll have to do this again. So apparently I have this fixed. But for anyone that isn’t aware how much these programs can mess up your media files, be warned. If anyone has any ideas anyway send them my way. These companies are just incredible in how they are all great when they are getting their ad revenue, donations etc, but when there is a problem good luck getting help or getting paid back for damage to things. Thanks all.
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  3. Right click on a file, select Open With -> Choose Default Program. Select WMP. That will re-associate WMP with that extension. Do that for any file types that have lost their association.
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    Do a system restore a couple days before you install kmplayer,it will fix your issue unless there's something with your system restore or if it's disabled.
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  5. Originally Posted by johns0 View Post
    Do a system restore a couple days before you install kmplayer,it will fix your issue unless there's something with your system restore or if it's disabled.
    Yes, thanks for that. I actually had thought of that in case. I don't know if I would have a restore point though if necessary that would be back far enough. I need to make sure that the restore system is all set up properly as sometimes these problems aren't really found out until some time has passed. I don't always use certain features for a while to know what all has been messed up. It is always such a nice surprise when you go to use something and it's all screwed up. Thanks again for the help. Fred
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