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  1. Hello,

    I am a french user. I am trying, desperately, to download this streaming video :

    I have tried the classics methods as IDM but it is not working. The software works fine on others websites but not this one.

    So I have followed other topics on this forum as this one :

    I have catched the m3u8 :

    I have used this command on ffmpeg : ffmpeg -user-agent "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.3; rv:36.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/36.0" -i "" -c copy video.ts

    But, I have this error message : HTTP error 404 not found. So, I have surely made a mistake but where ? I need your help please.

    Thank you in advance
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  2. Hello, I get this code:

    <param name="flashvars" value="&amp;&amp;hd=&amp;hidehd=1&amp;nocache=1&am p;debug=0&amp;file=Vpw97lXY6Tk18lv9xSWGVGkhvGhD6fk YUS0T85kH7CZR6Gaz5j=WalFKbEBvb57evfDhv5h3U9EYz5Htx 9dqwoxiVf7dz2HIibnwPz9YizguOzQ9OlgRiC0XUpiBxf0N6oi G6G8yxM0h72NY8fDy8oiYxfDN850T6TJRizvYiz=YizbYizguk jbdkT7Ri5FM85vdPukYvGBDx=AA&amp;m3u8=1&amp;galabel =;hls_monitor= 999999&amp;likeurl=;poster=6s0j82eB7Tv3VpFd61wG6G8yxM0h72 NY8fDy8oiYx2hnU5IT6TJRizvYiz=YizbYizgukjbdkT7Ri5FM 85vd6zv9ipQ9Ol=BiSWq727A&amp;st=// s&soc_share=yes&rating_buttons=yes&v=56&amp;embedc ode=<iframe+src=""+height="450"+width="720"+webkitAllowFullSc reen+mozallowfullscreen+allowfullscreen+frameborde r="0"+scrolling="no"></iframe>&amp;uid=mediaplayer&amp;id=4261281&amp;com;bufferproc=1&a mp;bufferproc2=1&amp;preloader=2&amp;hlsplugin_soc ketTimeout=120&amp;hls_buffering=2&amp;hlsplugin_l ogDebug2=1&amp;hlsplugin_logDebug=1&amp;link=&amp; auto=none&amp;thumbs_size=1x1&amp;thumbs=">

    Can anybody help me, please?
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