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  1. Someone wanted me to put their dvd on blu-ray. They want this because they say blu-ray has greater scratch resistance.

    I thought I could just drage the TS folders on the bd-r. When that failed I found dvd2bd-express.

    That works except now the audio is out of sync. Just slightly.

    I wanted to gauge the delay by using VLC, but VLC won't play the disc. Neither will the windows media player.

    I burned the disc with ImageBurn. So, do you think it was the dvd conversion process or ImageBurn?

    Is there a better way to convert the dvd to a blu-ray disc?

    Any constructive advice is welcome.

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    I'm pretty sure dvd2bd express cause the out of sync.

    Try play the biggest m2ts file in BDMV\STREAM folder with VLC and see if you notice any delay on your computer.

    But I haven't heard that blu-ray disc has greater scratch resistance?
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