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    Which may indicate third-party Plugin, VST (VST 1 VST2, VST3) are fully compatible with Pinnacle 19 Ultimate. For Example: I am trying to create the Plugin treatment effects and audio, especially iZotope Family, I tested some of them had old saved and the latest demo versions, some work and others do not.

    Among those who do not work me is the iZotope BreakTweaker, load the plugin name in the list of effects in Pinnacle Studio 19, but to use it and open the window opens and closes blank sending an ERROR message NGStudio error, others are working well so far . I myself create the path for the VST in: C: \ Program Files \ Pinnacle \ Studio 19 \ plugins \ VST \ iZotope \ XXXXxxxx.dll

    I'm a nuubie to use a new plugin audio effects ok, hopefully advise me something, I was wondering if you could open these plugins with Studio Pinnale Or if I have to use the special audio editing programs and then transported tracks to the pinnacle Studio 19... :\

    Any recommendation or idea?

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    NGStudio stopped working
    The program stopped working correctly by an unexpected problem. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution exists.
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