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  1. Please advise on the best current tool to seamlessly (or close as possible) join a series of mkv files made in MKVToolnix under MKVMergeGUI.

    I have limited experience with MKVtoolnix.
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  2. You can join files in mkvtoolnix using the append button in the main window. Just drag in the first clip, click append and drag in the next. repeat until done. However, If the formats do not match you will have to reencode your files so they do.
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    mkvtoolsnix doesn't make video(files), it puts already made videos into the mkv container. unless the videos you want to join were originally made together and then split there is a big chance they can't be combined by simply adding them together in mkvmergegui.

    use mediainfoxp to check the details of the files. if they don't match then re-encode them all to matching specs.
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  4. Potplayer supports seamless playback for videos. If you're going to play videos in Windows, you can try it.
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  5. Ok. I didn't want this question to get too old before answering.

    If all the appends are made with MKVmergeGUI created files then will the appends go smoothly? The container will be the same. But the merge function is used to substitute a processed audio file and one with an edit also.

    MKVtoolnix works but I have difficulty with it.
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