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  1. With any Windows computer I can go to any folder and type in a certain
    address and access the corresponding remote ftp folder(see screenshot). I can then upload/download files to that remote folder just by dragging the file from/to the folder window.
    My question is: Is there a way to do this with Android smartphone?
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  2. Most browsers support ftp.
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  3. Or you could try Ghost Commander if you want more control.
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    IIRC there are file managers that support this, through send and copy commands
    although "the cloud" is the current hot thing

    but Android does not have drag and drop, unless it has been implemented on tablets with the newest iteration/flavor of android
    not enough screen relestate on phones, to have 2 locations open and finger drag a file from one to the other
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    For my Android devices, I regularly use "ES File Explorer", which has capability for multi-panel views (swipe-able). This includes a couple of Network views, including SMB/CIFS, FTP, NFS, and various Cloud services (such as Box, DropBox, Drive, etc). It's easy to set up a preset server location and then do "Select+Cut->SwipeView->FolderChoose+Paste" in a matter of seconds.

    I'm sure there are other options out there also (and for iOS as well).

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    I use ANYFTP app on my Samsung Galaxy III and it works well, even to my godaddy secure site.

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    I suppose I should ask... jimdagys, are you looking to access FTP sites from your Android phone, or are you wanting to access your Android phone through FTP?
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    Use ftpserver

    handles files to and from
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