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  1. Hi to all and thanks in advance if anybody can help me
    I am using Potplayer for presentation purposes for a long time I think it is good but i have one problem with improving it usability for my own purposes!
    I want to check to see is there any possibility to make Potplayer change playlist in predefined time of day - For instance i have 3 different playlist 1, 2 and 3
    I will start playing in 11:00 and in 12:00 it will automatically change to list 2 and in 13:00 it will automatically change to list 3
    If anybody has an idea how to do this even with some script or plugin which will do it It will be most appreciated If anybody know some other program which can do this i will appreciate suggestions but first i will try with Potplayer
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  2. Anybody?
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