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  1. Firefox with add-ons Ghostery, NoScript and Adblock Plus does the same thing, no?
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  2. Higher CPM and attention rates are driven by the ability to focus campaign targeting. Brave will not have this ability by design, the rates and attention will suffer drastically. Publishers typically earn 60% with most networks, top publishers can earn more than that. 55% of low rates is not sustainable to a publisher. I can see users flocking to Brave to earn 15% and have a faster experience. I can see publishers not working with Brave, blocking the browser and not allowing uses with Brave to access their site. Then those Brave users will abandon Brave, because the content they desire is inaccessible. There's probably more to it than what's been shared in this article and on the Brave site, but with the information available and some basic assumptions, Brave seems destined to be a marginal player at best.
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