I have literally looked everywhere to see why I can't stream using my elgato software! So I'll start from the beginning:

I wanted to upload videos to YouTube, so that's what I started doing!
However, I stopped over the Christmas period (for about a month) and want to carry on uploading now.
I also wanted to do some live streaming, and I remembered that the Elgato software has its own streaming feature.
After opening the software, it said it had an update so that it was more compatible/usable for a 64-bit computer (not 100% sure about what it was for), so I updated it.

(If your still reading this and understand the story so far, thankyou!)

Okay, so after it updates, I go onto it and this is what I see:
[Attachment 35324 - Click to enlarge]

You can see the faded 'Stream' button next to the commentary button and tags section (bottom middle of the picture).
It's faded as I don't have my Twitch/streaming account linked, or so I thought.
So after logging in and linking the account, this is now what I see:
[Attachment 35325 - Click to enlarge]

The button is gone and I now have no idea how I'm supposed to stream using this software.

I'd like to know how I can stream using the Elgato, or any alternative that I could use to stream Xbox One game play.
Also, I am aware that I could use the Twitch app on Xbox, it just messes up for me sometimes though so I can't.

Any help is appreciated, thanks.