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  1. So I can add a blank clip like this:

    BlankClip(length=3000, width=1920, height=1080, fps=50, color=$000000)
    But then only the blankclip will be encoded. How do I add the blankclip onto the end of the video?
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  2. If you're opening the source in AvISynth too:

    source = WhateverSource("SourceVideo.ext")
    blank = BlankClip(source, length=x) # a blank clip with the same properties as source
    source ++ blank // append blank to source
    If not, just create a blank clip with the correct properties, encode it with the same codec and settings as your source video. Then append the blank clip to the source video with an appropriate editor/muxer.
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  3. Any idea how I can add a paragraph of text left aligned to the blank clip? I can use subtitle but I have to manually wrap it. Is there anything that will autowrap text?
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  4. Import an image file with the text you want then overlay it onto the blank clip.

    image = ImageSource(...)
    Overlay(blank, image, ...)
    Or just forget the blank clip and use ImageSource to make your blank clip with text.
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