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  1. Hi,

    I have searched the forum a lot, and read all the 3D blueray to mkv etc posts, with no luck in understanding it for my situation, so either im dumb, or i have a different setup at home.

    I have a LG 65" TV and it supports 3D, i activate it with my remote for SBS 3D. I play the files from my PC with Plex Media Server, and it works fine and im satisfied with it.

    Usually i play around 8 GB 1080P Half SBS 3D .mkv movies . Now i have a .ISO file wich is a AVC 22 GB BD25 Blueray 3D movie. And as you know Plex can't stream this as my normal sbs 3D mkv files. So i need to convert it, and i read all about handbrake, makemkv , merge ripp copy etc.

    My question is i downloaded DVDFAB , and i first tried "Copy" and pressed advanced " Convert to blueray SBS 3d " mode and choose full movie, then it creates a mainmovie folder in my dvdfab and there is the same content as the blueray so plex wont solve this.

    If i choose the default template under Ripper and choose high quality it shows the output size to be 4 GB , and that is half the size i usually look my 1080P Half sbs 3d mkv files in, and smaller size of output file is in my world a worse overall quality movie.

    So my question, can i make from a EST 22 GB BD25 blueray AVC .iso a output file that is better quality then a normal ripped 8 GB 1080 P 3D half sbs .mkv movie ? what am i missing? the source file of a blueray disc have to be bettere or am i wrong?


    I found out if i choose the Ripper TAB in dvdfab , then use the template 3D MKV - > Advanced settings , Encoding method High Quality encoding - > Video Quality customized and i drar the bar all the way and i get a bitrate of 18506 kbps bits pixel 0.5 then the output file is estimated 13 764 MB .

    Then i have the 3D section in the advanced tab, here is where i get confused. 3D format i use Split screen , left/right half size 50% and there is a interlaced checkbox wich i left uncheched.

    What is the difference with " anaglyph , split screen, two separated files , two video streams in one file " ? and what is the differense with left/right half size 50% or 100% is 100% better quality ?

    is split screen in this section SBS ? I only want a .mkv file that is sbs, for me that means when i play it on my computer it is a video file that shows 2 SBS pictures of the movie and my TV can then activate the 3D SBS function and play it properly.

    And i want better quality than the normal 8 GB already ripped files i play.

    Edit: nice feedback ! thanks for helping everyone.
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