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  1. Hi again, I couldnt find an appropriate place for this, so I posted in newbies ( because I am a newbie )
    I have an ASUS laptop with an "Optiarc BD ROM BC-5500S4 Bluray drive. some bluray disks wont even load. To test the drive I put in a disk that i have played before and it plays fine, so i'm pretty sure the drive is fine. I'm thinking there is copy protection on some disks that inadvertently (or purposely ) prevent the disk from loading in a pc. I have tried exiting from ANYDVD, and reinserting the disk, but no help. This only happens with certain titles, keep in mind these titles play fine in a stand alone player. The title i'm working with right now is "Transformers revenge of the fallen"
    I even checke the driver software. It's up to date.
    Is there anything that will force the disk to load ?
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  2. If some discs play and some don't then that points the the discs that won't play being at fault.
    Even though some discs play and some don't, laptop drives are crappy anyway which wont help.
    Try exchanging the disc(s).
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  3. Thanks for the reply. The Blu-ray discs that I'm talking about, are ones that I've owned for years. They play well on standalone players. It's just when I insert them into one of my computers they just refuse to load.
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    Anydvdhd requires an internet connection to load disks or the most recent version.
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  5. Maybe I'm using the wrong terminology. When I say the disk never loads, I mean it never even gets recognized by the pc. It just spins for about 3 seconds then stops. Anydvd never gets a chance to see it. I can put another disk in and play fine. This only happens with some blue ray titles, but they play fine in my stand alone players.
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  6. Dirty or borderline bad discs?
    Laptop drives are nowhere near as robust or tolerant as standalone players.
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