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  1. So it seems it's extremely hard to download Amazon Prime shows. Though, on iOS devices, they give you the option to download the episode. That got me thinking, what files do they use to store the video? So I downloaded the first episode of "How I Met Your Mother", and found the directory using iFunBox and saved it to my PC.

    I have attached the whole folder as a zip file (it's a ton of .data and .cachedHeaders files - 2,656 files to be exact). Maybe someone can decrypt this and post their findings.

    For anyone who wants it - here's a virustotal scan

    (I hope this was posted in the right forum, if not please move it)
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    Amazon Prime is a paid service. From our rules:
    Do NOT talk about copying rented/subscription material
    You are not allowed to rip/copy/record rented video. It includes streaming rented/subscribed video like netflix, itunes, hulu plus, etc.
    Thread closed.

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