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  1. Hi.

    What mixing programs are good for a beginner or an intermediate to mix songs?

    I myself use various programs and production programs. I have a potential client who wants songs mixed together for dance performances. But my fees would be a little too expensive for this person and trying to explain what I do or what I have to do, is not easy for them to understand.

    I offered to find some mixing programs for them to use. This person said their mixing is not that great and does not want to get too complicated. They need something that is for beginners or intermediate skill levels.

    Beat matching would be a bonus, not just fade ins and fade outs and cutting lows/mids/highs.

    Free programs or pay (not expensive) are OK. Any ideas? Or dj forums to check out?
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    You're an expert? Asking for help in a field you should be dominant in? What's wrong with this picture?
    Got my retirement plans all set. Looks like I only have to work another 5 years after I die........
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  3. I don't think I am an expert. I am always learning. My skills are only used as part-time jobs, I do not do this stuff as a full-time job. That would be nice though.

    I do come onto this forum and others to find usually free programs that I have never heard of.

    Since I personally prefer a production program compared to certain dj or dj type programs, I think telling this person to buy Serato or Traktor is a bit much.

    I also learned on vinyl and wouldn't be too much help in this situation. I bought my turntables a long time ago and took steps to get digitized.

    I have some ideas and looked already.
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    I would suggest Audacity. Info and guides here:
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