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  1. When I load an MP4, MTS, or M2TS in Avisynth, the only filter that I am aware of that works is DirectShowSource. However, I have read in various places on this forum that DirectShowSource is buggy and should be avoided when possible. What does everyone else use when loading such files into Avisynth?

    I am not looking for suggestions that amount to transcoding the video to something to some other container or codec. Rather, I just want to know if there are some other filters which I am not aware of that are preferred.

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  2. ffms2, l-smash works and DGDecNV might be the most popular ones. DGDecNV is mostly popular with TS, I think. It requires an Nvidia GPU and costs money, though (a version with Intel decoder also exists). ffms2 is free and opens almost anything but has sometimes been regarded as less reliable with TS files. l-smash works with almost anything. It has two filter pairs, one based on l-smash demuxer for mp4/mov and one based on ffmpeg/libav demuxer for everything else. All of them come with a documentation (on their website or inside the download package) if you need more info.
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  3. I had not heard of any of those. So thanks very much. I will try giving the free ones a spin.
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