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    Originally Posted by netmask56 View Post change True HD to FLAC...
    I understand he needs audio for burning bluray-video disc, so it needs to be bluray compliant. FLAC isn't.

    anhlinhp4, your media-info shows your sourcefile to be 13GB. I think it leaves more than enough space on a single-layer BD disc for 5.1 pcm.
    TBH I don't understand why you still haven't tried this, if audioquality seems so important to you. Eac3to can uncompress your DTS-HD source audio to pcm and then stretch it. Choosing the right outputformat (w64 or pcm-tsm) the result can be directly imported into tsMuxer.
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  2. sneaker, I agree with you. And as I said in my summary above, I've used AC3 file already (demuxed from my dts-HD file) for muxing it with tsMuxer. It's ok to use AC3 file.
    Ennio, that's right to say bluray disc 25Gb has enough space for my file with PCM 5.1
    knowledge that PCM is lossless from dts-HD (uncompress) and it's ok to use PCM 5.1 for my case, too (audio quality unchanged).
    I can use PCM 5.1 to mux back with tsMuxer. That's no problem.
    But here I like to get back dts-HD , and for conclusion, there is no way to get back dts-HD, right?

    P/S: By the way, when using Eac3to, choose output "pcm-tsm" as you guided, I get error notice: "Don't found Pcm2Tsmu.exe".
    What dose it mean?
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    Ah, I think you don't have "Pcm2Tsmu.exe". You can download it here:

    Unzip and put the file in eac3tofolder. You can also use w64 as output for tsMuxer.

    Originally Posted by anhlinhp4 View Post
    ...for conclusion, there is no way to get back dts-HD, right?
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  4. Thank you so much!
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  5. HEY there every one....
    I tried to follow the steps in that steps provided in the forum and finally successfully converted a mkv TrueHD+Atmos to M2TS ...that is playable on my sony bluray(SONY BDVN9200W)...
    But there is a problem.....The source file i had was a 24bit....but after going through all the steps as Ennio instructed ,i was able to mux it in tsmuxer and the output now has a 16bit TrueHD and when i played it on my bluray, its not showing the bitdepth it used to show it earlier, whether its 24 or 16Bit along with the audio codec that's playing on the bluray, if i press the mediainfo button om my remote.....and the file(TrueHD+ac3) i got out of Useac3to was 7GB+...but when i went through Mediainfo 17.10 after succefully muxing and creating a M2TS video files in Tsmuxer....its showing that the the TrueHD+ac3 is just 600mb in Mediainfo 17.10 !!!!
    So is there any solution for it that i would get the output as 24Bit in tsmuser or, have i gone wrong anywhere during the process..?
    And i also noticed that ...the sample video file which Ennio (Atmos_trailer) has uploaded had the same media-info as i got ...if im not wrong...
    Here is the mediainfo of wht i muxed....Image
    [Attachment 43731 - Click to enlarge]
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