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  1. I have an Epson DiscProducer PP-100 that's out of warranty, and the drives are failing. I'm trying to come up with a solution to replace these drives without having to pay a ridiculous amount of money for a stock $20 DVD drive with custom firmware.

    Does anyone have access to firmware to flash new drives so they are recognized by the PP-100? Inside the DiscProducer are two DVR-112DBKE drives that show up as Pioneer DVR-112D PP100 as you'll see below. I tried putting in two 112D's in their place, but the machine won't recognize them without the correct firmware.

    I have a lengthy list of other drives that supposedly can be swapped into this machine. I purchased two refurbished ASUS units that are supposed to work, but same deal, the machine wouldn't recognize them. I have a PP-100 adjustment program but there seems to be no functions inside that would help make them functional.

    Can anybody help??

    Drive Information
    Drive : PIONEER DVR-112D PP100
    Type : DVD±R/RW DL Recorder
    Firmware Version : 1.10
    Buffer Size : 2000 KB
    Date : 07-09-27
    Serial Number :
    Vendor Specific : 07/09/27 PIONEER
    Drive Letter : E:\
    Location : 7:0
    Mechanism : Tray
    Read Speed : 8.0 X
    Write Speed : 18.0 , 16.0 , 12.0 , 8.0 , 6.0 , 4.0 X

    Read CD Text : Yes
    Return C2 Pointers : Yes
    Read CD-R : Yes
    Read CD-RW : Yes
    Read DVD-ROM : Yes
    Read DVD-RAM : Yes
    Read DVD-R : Yes
    Read DVD-RW : Yes
    Read DVD-R DL : Yes
    Read DVD+R : Yes
    Read DVD+RW : Yes
    Read DVD+R DL : Yes
    Read BD-ROM : No
    Read BD-R : No
    Read BD-RE : No
    Read HD DVD-ROM : No
    Read HD DVD-R : No
    Read HD DVD-R DL : No
    Read HD DVD-RAM : No
    Read HD DVD-RW : No
    Read HD DVD-RW DL : No
    Read HD-BURN : No
    Read Digital Audio : Yes
    Read CD+G : No
    Read VideoCD : Yes

    Write CD-R : Yes
    Write CD-RW : Yes
    Write DVD-R : Yes
    Write DVD-RW : Yes
    Write DVD-R DL : Yes
    Write DVD+R : Yes
    Write DVD+RW : Yes
    Write DVD+R DL : Yes
    Write DVD-RAM : No
    Write DVD-RAM : No
    Write BD-R : No
    Write BD-RE : No
    Write HD DVD-R : No
    Write HD DVD-R DL : No
    Write HD DVD-RAM : No
    Write HD DVD-RW : No
    Write HD DVD-RW DL : No
    Write HD-BURN-R : No
    Write HD-BURN-RW : No
    Buffer Underrun Protection : Yes
    Mount Rainier : No
    SolidBurn : No
    Labelflash : No
    LightScribe : No
    Modes : Pa, LTA, LDA, LSA, LRA, LRA, LRA, LRA, LRA, LRA

    Region Protection Control : RPC II
    Region : none
    Changes User : 5
    Changes Vendor : 4

    CSS : Yes
    CPRM : Yes
    AACS : No
    VCPS : No

    Disc Information (E:\)
    Type : Blank DVD-R
    Capacity : -0.00 GB
    Layers : 1
    Version : 5
    Disc size : 12 cm
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    Try rpc link

    You'll find pioneer a little way down from the top where tools can be located which can backup firmware and flash drives.

    Rule one : if in doubt back out ... or a drive becomes useless

    If the utility see's the drive and successfully backs up the firmware from an original unit you can proceed to using the backup bin file to flash the non detected units ... it can only say yes or no.
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  3. Unfortunately it's my understanding none of these utilities work with Pioneer drives. That's based on me asking the same question over in that website's forums.

    Anyone else?
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    Zach, greetings!

    I've seen your post on rpc1 forums and registered here: the answer is YES, you can dump both kernel and firmware from this drive. I've written a program called DVRTool and opened a topic on MyCE forums (in ASUS/Pioneer forum section). You can find this topic very easily on the forums.

    I need the dumps from this drive as well - for the full support of this drive in my program I will need them.

    Could you dump both kernel and firmware from your drive and share them with me? Thanks in advance!
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    I have two PP-100 Units coming enroute and should be here by the end of next week.

    If I am able to pull the firmwares using the usb bridge from the discproducer directly I will rip all four drives so we can start doing some byte comparisons.

    I also plan to do a few burns and rerips afterwards to check to see if the epson is writing usage log data to the drives. I am under the impression that Epson is dive bombing these drives after so many writes despite of the working condition.

    Also they are charging a good 800% premium on replacement drives.

    They released a patch for discproducer that adds support for another drive model as older drives fall of the production lines. So it's definitely a marketing issue and not a hardware one.

    If I could pick the brains of those in the know, I am not trying to thread jack here but this is related to firmware for these units but do you know if it's possible to flash a drive to report back as another drive?

    For example, Could I obtain a DVR-115DBK and have it say "DVR-112DBK" whenever it is polled from imageburn for example.

    Once I get confident in what I am doing I want to test the theory of buying a stock IDE pioneer drive and modifying the drive to report back as a DVR-112DBK PP100 and see if it picks up as a legit replacement.

    I assume IDE/ATA commands to the drive are standard when it comes to reading and writing discs. I think the discproducer is doing a string verification on the firmware to determine if it's allows to be used or not.

    Lastly, do you know if anyone is able to decipher the patch released by epson to see how it's implementing the allowed upgrades of drive vendors? Maybe someone could reverse engineer the patch and enable any/all drive models to be utilized.

    The patch is available at epson. Just pull up discproducer support and look for TDBridge patch for 6.07 and below.
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  6. Has anyone found a fix for this? My drivers just went out and I do not want to spend $600 to replace them, again! Please let me know if there is a fix. I have a HUGE job for next week.
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    Use DVRTook to rip your firmware and kernel. Flash that on to a consumer version drive that matches your model.

    I.e one of my units used DVR-112DBKE which is a DVR-112D(black)(Epson) so I bought the dvr-112d drive. Another unit I have identified itself as a teac model which was traced back to being a clone of the DVR-116. Once yoI have your replacement use DVRTool to rip the kernel and firmware. Flash it to your replacement drive. Use the Epson diagnostic software to unlock your drive for readIng your flash. Use the diagnostic software to reset your service life of the drives too.

    Swap the hardware out and you're done.
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    Oh forgot to add. You can use 116D in a system that originally had a 112D but you'll need the 116D Epson firmware. Also if you change models from what was originally used you'll need to go into diagnostics and change the drive type in the system to match the model you are using. I only have 112D and 116D as options but I don't know if it's because those are the only two drives I have or if that's all the software allows.
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  9. PM'd you darkflame808
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  10. Using BDRPR1EPDV ... Not sure what the equivalent is.
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    pioneer stopped manufacturing dvdr drives years ago. if these were pioneer clones pay whatever someone is asking for a new one as there just aren't any on the normal retail market. some "refurbs" available but i wouldn't trust one.
    "a lot of people are better dead" - prisoner KSC2-303
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  12. Yea...the drives I need are $254 each. I need 2 and the shipping is just under $50. And I have not come across any refurbished options
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    It sounds like you have a pp-100ii because you have newer drives. If your drives remove from just pulling them out then yes you have the newer unit. I have the older one. The one that requires you to tear down the whole unit to remove the drives. I purchase on eBay used dvr-112 and 116 drives. They are becoming very difficult to find. Hence why I asked if someone could reverse engineer the update to allow more drives to be compatible.

    I have 8 drives sitting in my house for when these units fail. Once I use them up I'll just use the unit as a printer only. I am trying to steer away from proprietary stuff. I have a nimbie unit which uses regular dvd writers. Works great but not as integrated as the Epson. I was almost going to go with a dexterix unit and just mod the Epson to spit discs out into a spindle cover to be processed by the dexterix unit. Eventually I plan on just using the Epson as the printer. With a CISS and auto reset cartridge board installed I haven't had to deal with overpriced inks and never run out or need to remove the cartridges. I can't complain since this thing works like a beast.
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  14. I do have the newer model. I can pull them right out. I've used it for over 60,000 CDs and this will be the 2nd time replacing the drives. Can't complain, but $600 is pretty high. That's why I need better options. But I agree, these things are champs!
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  15. Does anyone know if I can reset the waste ink on a PP100n.

    Zach you say you have the adjustment program is this the one offered by ?

    I have the service manual and as far as I can tell you use the adjustment program to reset waste ink counter but on the 2manuals page it says the adjustment program cannot reset the counter.

    Would you be willing to forward me the adjustment program?

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    Just chimming in. The service program can reset the pp-100n unfortunately the copy from 2manuals is intentionally neutered because they want you to use their ink reset service which works using the code they removed from the service app. The N version requires the original app to be used but you can't selectively neuter the ink reset modules for different versions. So in essence their decision was to remove the necessary files that allow the ink reset at the expense that they can't sell the resets for the N model. It was a tradeoff decision. If you can find the unaltered files it does have the reset capability. I do not have the unaltered files lol. There was a guy who offered to sell me one but I declined since I don't have the N model and it was cheaper to buy the reset online (hence they won)
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  17. Hi darkflame808, thanks for taking the time to reply.

    Do you happen to know or have any details for the person who offered to sell you the original adjustment program?

    Was it expensive? It may have been cheaper than the WIC key in the long run as I assume you could do multiple resets, I think the WIC is a single use key.

    Also did you manage to get cheaper DVD drives working (flash them)?

    Thanks again.
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    Yes I got cheaper drives to work. I just bought a bunch of DVR-112DBK drives from ebay. some guy had a lot of 8. So far so good.
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  19. I gave up last year on my PP-100 as it started developing a new problem and I bought a PP-50 instead so I could do Blu-Ray. I'm currently selling the PP-100 on eBay for parts in case anyone is interested: Auction will describe all the issues. Included in the auction I'll send you a link to download the adjustment program and service manual I purchased.
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  20. Hi,
    I'm looking for service manual and waste ink resseter for an old PP-100, if someone of you could PM to me I'll be much appreciated. The producer hasn't been used for a long time and I don't know if it could operate after cleanup.
    Regards, Damian
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  21. Has anyone tried flashing any of the old Apple Mac DVR 112PB Superdrives? Seems like they were just Pioneer DVR 112 drives with modified firmware, I know I could always use them in my old duplicator when those drives crapped out. If not what about swapping out the main board? Seems like that would work as well and shouldn't be to difficult.
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