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  1. Hello, I'm sure you guys get annoying threads like this all the time. I'm just hoping someone with way more knowledge on the subject can tell me if it is hopeless or not. My new car got hit in a parking lot the other day and of course, the guy just took off. What makes it worse is I can see it all on video but I cannot make out the plates The detective assigned to my case will not return my calls (I'm sure he has more important things to do) so I am trying to figure it out on my own. As a college student, I can't afford the deductible to fix this! Is there any way to restore the image or video I attached, or is it wishful thinking? In the youtube video, it is on the left hand side and my car is the red. He sits still for a minute there which eliminates any motion blur and then pulls into my car Anyway I truly appreciate any response!
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    No, sorry, pretty much 0% chance to get anything out of that. Perhaps there is a better camera somewhere along the way but there's probably no way for you to follow up on that without the help of the police
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  3. That is kinda what I figured, but I was really hoping some freaky CSI zoom and enhance TV tricks could be done here. (Joking, I know you cannot make something out of nothing) Thanks so much for your time and response!
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    Yeah, the current image shows the size of the license plate being ~22x12. That leaves each digit just around 2.5x4 pixels with which to resolve anything from it. Way too little: I'd expect it to be ~6x14 or greater for it to decipher well. And then you'd probably have to use a special convolution filter to average the pixels and give you a sharpened image from the multiple moving frames.

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