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  1. Hi all
    recently bought an external USB Bluray writer for my Mac Pro; I would like to be able to store a copy of my 3D BDs on my NAS, so I can watch them on my SmartTV with Plex client; I saw SBS files work perfect, so I tried with MakeMKV but I could not.
    I just bought Brorsoft Mac Bluray Ripper, and though it has an option to create 3D Video MKV SBS, they do not look like the original in terms of depth and 3D effects so I guess it is not the right path to go.
    Can anyone please help me in picking the right way to solve this issue, in terms of programs / platform (Windows only)?
    Thanks a lot
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    This has been gone over in depth many times here (so I'm not going to rehash without new info). Please do a search...

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