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  1. Hello!!!

    I use 2 year now handbrake and megui but is not what i want..

    i want a converter to do this all together!!! video file=mkv/mp4 + subtitles + watermark + a mini clip in start of video... so now for every video i need 2 jobs and the video every time lose quality and i have a lot of video to do what is any program to do all this in one convert??

    (for Ubuntu 14.04)

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    Thread moved to the linux form where you can get more help.
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    Can you use megui with avisynth in ubuntu?

    Or else can you make everything in ffmpeg....but you have to write the command line manually. .

    See , etc
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    The only way to use MeGUI in linux (other than running Windows in a VM) is with Wine, which is just a compatibility layer. And not all that good. The entry for megui in the wine app database (which is excellent) rates it as silver.

    And anything rated less than Gold there is going to be rubbish.

    There is a "sort of" linux port of avisynth but I don't think I'd trust it. The WIndows dll plugins don't work. WHat's the point?

    There aren't many linux users here, so searching the ubuntu support sites for recommended converters/editors is probably a better idea.

    Just make sure you install from the repos unless you really know what you're doing.

    And if you're going to add watermarks you are going to lose quality.
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  5. megui i use only in windows servers but now i use ubuntu and i have only handbrake(the others program dont works or is x5 slower) but my real problem is this (i have another old topic but still have problem)

    i use mencoder,ffmpeg,MP4Box to join 2 video files but is wrong is not working in my previous topic tell me to have same specs but i don't understand how to do what i use the mis2x264, mediainfo but after? what program to use to make the files to be ok??
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  6. any help?? :/
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