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  1. Well not ALL but a part of the composition.

    I just realized in my video I want to cut like 10 seconds of a scene, then there's this gap of 10 seconds, so I need to move the rest back to fill this 10 seconds of footage. The problem is when I select all the stuff some of the automation points I made (of pan, volume, and some plugins like dry reverb output etc whatever) do not move with the video slices as I slide them back.. some of the automation points stay and some move, it's really weird. Please help, im about to finish the project, I literally only need to move back half of my project 10 seconds and that's all.
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  2. 1. You should use Auto Ripple mode when you cut/delete/move, or use Post-Edit Ripple keyboard shortcuts (recommended)
    2. Turn On: Options > Lock Envelopes to Events
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