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  1. Hi all, I have an issue in that my tv sorts the videos on my NAS drive by date encoded which means everything is jumbled up at the moment. I had a fix for this on my old drive by editing the xml file but this solution (for the moment) is not possible on my new drive. Which leaves me with the only option to have things sorted alphabetically is to give it all the same encoded date (this seems much harder to do than to change say the date modified or date created). Due to the amount of video files I have it would have to be a quick process, this is also due to the fact that when I add a new video to the list, this will again be in the wrong place unless I then change the date on everything again! Does such a program exist that either lets you mass edit encoded date, or better still does such a program exist where you can just type in an encoded date?
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    Have you tried ffmpeg? If you get it running can you batch all pretty easy.

    "c:\ffmpeg\ffmpeg" -y -i "c:\videos\video.mkv" -c copy -map 0 -metadata creation_time="2013-05-06 21:41:00" "c:\videos\newvideo.mkv"
    See (for mp4 then but might work mkvs also.)
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