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  1. Hi there!

    Some 10 years ago I bought the Sony CCD-TR61E and used it for a while. The other day I found a bunch of the cassettes I filled - but can lo longer find the charger for the camera battery...

    Any suggestions?

    NB: At the time I also invested in a Canopus analog-digital converter box and an I/O card for my PC. I'll try to resume my transcribing to DVD at one stage, but first I need to see what's on the cassettes LOL

    Cheers, and thanks for any help!
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  2. That camera uses np-55 batteries (double check.) Even if you can't find the direct connector, you should be able to find Sony or aftermarket chargers (and batteries) that will work.
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  3. Thanks for your reply, smrpix! The manual lists the battery as NP-F330 and calls it a Info-Lithium battery.
    The charger is listed AC-L10A/L10B/L10C AC power adapter.
    Will google for these or equivalents.

    I figured at one stage that I may be able to adapt one of my myriad of chargers/power adapters if I can figure out the exact specs of the Info-Lithium battery and the USB connection to the camera that feeds it...


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