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  1. In the past I have used Fair Use Wizard to rip a DVD to AVI. With
    Fair Use Wizard, you also can extract the sub/idx subtitles and the timing is perfect. However now I am using Vidcoder to rip the DVD to mp4 and I don't see any method of extracting the sub/idx subtitles. So what is the best method for ripping the subtitles (either sub/idx or OCR srt) from the DVD? Will the timing be perfect? The timing would seem to be a problem since I have to rip the video with one software and then rip the subtitles with a different software. Alternately, if I use Fair Use Wizard, is their conversion to H.264/MPEG-4 AVC very good?
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  2. In Vicoder pressing the edit button for subtitles you should get an option to select subtitles:

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    If you prefer to do OCR you can use Subtitle Edit
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  3. OK, very strange. Apparently this DVD has no subtitles. (No subtitles seem to be available when played on a standalone DVD player.) Ok, another question. This DVD is about 140 minutes long as is composed of four "chains" each about 40 minutes long. When I used Fair Use Wizard, the software showed all the chains and I elected (hopefully) to have the output have the full 140 minutes (with each segment joined together into one single file). When I put the DVD in a DVD player, there is a menu, and each segment on the menu is about 40 minutes long. However when I use Vidcoder to rip the DVD, I didn't see any choices about 40 minute segments, and the final rip was only 40 minutes long (just one segment). Question: How can I get Vidcoder to display and rip all the segments and give me the full 140 minute output? I am using Passkey so the DVD should be unencrypted.
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  4. Probably because the DVD has 4 titles.

    You'll have to encode them individuslly with Vidcoder and join with something like My MP4BoxGUI.

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  5. I am using a 2015 version (quite new) of Vidcoder and I discovered this "Picker" button, when you press that you get a window that seems to allow you to have multiple titles converted and joined together in the output (see screenshot red circles). At least that is what I hope. Otherwise I would have to manually (like you said) convert each title and then join them together with another software.
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