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  1. Hi

    Many people say that capture cards is not so important for vhs capturing process, but I have tested an old Pixelview (mpeg2) and results are very bad compared with capturing via a Toshiba DVD recorder. But the capturing process using Toshiba recorder is not my option, just moving files from DVD-RW disc to PC takes a lot of time.

    So I would like to buy an used game capture device to capture old vhs tapes and have a few questions:

    1) All game capture devices have issues capturing vhs tapes? I saw people telling about Hauppage HD PVR that it freeze up if the tape have problems with video tracking or many noise, but I did not find out the same complaints about Elgato or Avermedia. It is the same for any of brand?

    2) I saw youtube videos using AV2HDMI adapter to capture old games (with composite cable) and results are impressing. But people says that with vhs tapes the improviment results are none (but I can't find good youtube vhs video tests using this kind of connection). Anyone here capture vhs using this kind of connection? What are the results? Any video demo? Also, this kind of connection will generates only forced 16:9 ratio output? No way to catpure original 4:3 ratio?

    3) Some game catpures models stays that they do upscaling (some of them I think doesn't as nothing is informed in specs). This is good (having upscalling) or not for vhs capturing?

    4) I think a model of game capture device with HD option only (720p) will be enough for vhs capturing. May I spend a little more and buy a 1080p capable model?

    5) The game capture devices which has a quick record button does not need to use pc resources when capturing?

    6) What is the recommended software to reduce vhs imperfections? Not would like to use AviSynch due to haven't a GUI...

    I think these questions may help people interested in preserving old vhs tapes with its original quality.

    Thank you very much, and sorry for my bad English (I'm from Brazil).
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  2. someone?
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  3. Lone soldier Cauptain's Avatar
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    Videorecover, happy new year.

    You dont need Game capture to this. Its a plus.

    The better way to capture VHS is using Virtualdub + lossless codec like UT VIDEO / HUFFYUV and others.

    Send me a email to (sou brasileiro tambem hehehe)

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  4. Hey Claudio,

    Happy New Year my friend!

    Email sent! Obrigado!

    All the best

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    Can't find a DVD recorder? Easiest way to capture such a source unless you want to do voice overs/narration at the same time. I think my old Pioneer recorders can do that though. Will have to check their manuals...
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