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  1. I've been using the last 1.5 version of PotPlayer for over a year when it stopped working for DVD's.
    The movie would start out fine and would eventually freeze. Blu-ray movies would play fine.
    I only use Potplayer for DVD and Blu-ray movies. My OS is Windows XP sp3.

    So, I decided to update to the latest 1.6 version.
    During the installation process, a message box informed me that a file failed to copy:

    "Please try again after closing PotPlayerMini.exe"

    After clicking the OK button, the installation continued until completion.
    Clicking the desktop icon or manually clicking the the file resulted in nothing, even though poyplayermini.exe
    was listed in Program Files folder.

    I tried re-installing the program again with the same results.
    I tried older versions of v1.6 with the same results.
    I re-installed v1.5 and it installed fine. But still the DVD playing issue.
    I did a complete uninstall of Potplayer and manually deleted any references to potplayer in the registry.
    I then installed the latest version again. Same error message.

    Any suggestions?
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    Have you installed any codec pack or other video software recently?

    Have you tried play dvds with something else and see if it also freeze? Like vlc media player.

    I would guess that windows xp might be the problem with latest versions of potplayer.
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  3. I have not installed any codec packs.

    I use Arcsoft TotalMedia as my backup player and the DVD's work fine. But, I prefer to use PotPlayer.
    I also have tested DVD's with VLC and Macgo Windows Blu-ray Player and they work fine for DVD's.

    It's not a windows XP problem because I am able to install v1.6 on another computer(XP) with success.

    I've run a complete virus and malware scan with no issues.
    The computer is a home theater system with very little software installed. It does not have any different software
    then the other computer.

    When v1.6 came out, I had no problems installing and running the program.
    Compared to v1.5, I noticed horizontal tearing for v1.6 in the display.
    Over the next few months, I continued to download the latest stable version.
    But, I continued to have the same horizontal tearing issue.
    So, I just stayed with v1.5 until the DVD issue started about 8 weeks ago.

    When I get the error massage about a failed copy during installation of v1.6, it appears
    the process is renaming PotPlayerMiniXP.exe to PotPlayerMini.exe

    Any other ideas?

    I hate to abandon PotPlayer. I even wrote a small program to change the logo when the program started.
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