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  1. So, here's the deal. I recorded a lot of our home videos from VHS to mp4 using Debut Video Capture and the files have these settings:

    Now, the thing is that all in all I want to convert them to a lower bitrate, so that I can just put them on a flash drive and plug it into my TV, so that I can watch them anytime I want to. I'm thinking of maybe 1500 to get the size in half so that they can fit on my flash drive. Now, I've used Hybrid to convert them with a CRF of about 25 to get the desired bitrate, but when I open them on my TV, the converted one has a weird look to it, like it's a painting or something that isn't there on the original files. Here is what I get for the converted files:

    Can someone help me with this? Am I trying something that can't be done, or do I need to just tweak my settings to get it right? The video doesn't have artifacts or anything pixelated, just the painting effect which is really noticeable on my TV. Help!
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    You are going from bad to worse.....of course it is going to look like crap.
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  3. Try better me and subme settings. Something like the x264 veryslow preset. But the number ref and bframes that gives may be too high for the TV's player so you might need to lower them. And use 2-pass VBR rather than CRF encoding if you want a specific bitrate. MediaInfo shows your bitrate as 1043, not 1500.
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