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    Hi I'm trying to rip my dvds to save on my computer and one of the seasons is not ripping like the rest. It's coming out in a different format. I've used FormatFactory for the rest and they've came out normal but for some reason this season isn't. It's coming out in this format. Click image for larger version

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ID:	34954 Anyone have any solutions on how to get it widescreen again? Need some serious help here.
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  2. Ripping is decrypting to the computer. Apparently, you're ripping and then converting to something else using Format Factory. Right? So, what did you use to decrypt the VOBs to your hard drive? My guess is that your VOBs are 352x480 and Format Factory doesn't know how to handle it. Just a guess. Open a VOB in MediaInfo to confirm or disprove. Can you also provide a short 10-second VOB sample? What is your intended final format? AVI, MKV, another DVD, what? It's hard to guess what's going on with just a poor description and a picture to go on.
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