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  1. Hello,

    I undertook a search of the forums before hand and came across this:

    Which was informative however I have some more rings to jump through. So I've started my own thread.

    I would like to first point out that I require this image for a college presentation. It would be superb! (in .gif form) I was going to purchase it however I have read some shocking reviews about shutterstock and I did not like that they failed to mention the 20% increase in price until you reach the checkout. They also limit payment options to card only, not even paypal!. I have read of pushy sales tactics enforced upon the artists. All in all something feels off and I don't like the way they seem to conduct themselves.

    Digestive system futristic animation courtesy of shutterstock and Iokanan Pro:

    Getting to the point:

    I know of Virtual Dub and have used it before. I am assuming that I may need it. The comp image actually comes in MP4 video form and my intention is to finish with a .gif filetype.

    Please let me know guys. What is your diagnosis. What can be done? I want a watermark free image. Don't we all right. I'll work for it if given the right tools and instructions.

    Many thanks for your time in reading.

    - regards
    - GT
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    Shutterstock only lets you use stuff that you properly license (yes, $$) from them. IOW, any other means of getting material from them is illegal & warez. And they don't "sell" their stuff, so there's no way to get it and then claim "educational fair use", either.

    There should be free and/or public domain options out there for you to use, or create something on your own.

    OTOH, if you actually did end up licensing from them, I'm guessing part of their license agreement is to use it as-is (aka no watermark removals).

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  3. LOL. So you do reckon sir that the watermark would remain, even upon purchase? I may contact the original producing artist.

    I sure you completely understand my frustration though right. Watermarks are so damn annoying!
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  4. Of course there's no watermark on the licensed videos. The watermark is only on the sample so you can't use it.
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  5. Yes I think he may have the wrong end of the stick.
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  6. if that video is a simple animation, maybe you can re create that video. I've seen in youtube how someone recreate the video he wants in shutterstock. and ist free.

    maybe it help.
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