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  1. Hi there all ..

    When i Encode a Video With MeGUI & x265 ..

    I always Get a video Without an Audio

    my source (Nero AAC ) audio.

    Why a video without an Audio ?? !!

    Before I was Encoding Megui & x264 Just Fine ..

    With the same setting .. but now with x265 there's no Audio

    Plz Try to Help
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    Please try to help those who may help you, by publishing a complete log file of a failed attempt. We cannot know which of the many steps in the whole sequence failed. Maybe you just forgot to multiplex the HEVC video with the AAC audio into a common container (MP4 or MKV)? We do not even know if you tried to use a convenient encoding feature like "One Click Encoder", or assembled all the jobs manually. Too few details to help.
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