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    Please recommend an easy program, for burning MKV file to blu-ray disc. I'm new to MVK files and just need a simple program to do this. Later, I would like to create a menu, etc. Thank you, in advance. Running Windows 7.
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    tsmuxer is very easy to use. you will also need imgburn for burning your bluray disc.
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    The vast majority of MKV files floating about on the net are not compliant to Blu-ray specifications. I have used MeGUI for compliant video, and Encore for menus, but Encore isn't free.

    You might want to look at MultiAVCHD for making menus.
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  4. Forget Encore. Adobe announced a while back that it has been deprecated and it is no longer for sale. Although, an Adobe CC license gives you access to the CS6 version. But I only recommend SaaS to video professionals.

    Most on this forum use multiAVCHD as mentioned because it is free. Anything else will cost money: e.g. TAW5, DVD Architect, etc.

    But have you browsed the list of bluray authoring software on this forum?
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  5. Originally Posted by Kerry56 View Post
    The vast majority of MKV files floating about on the net are not compliant to Blu-ray specifications.
    Exactly. They're likely cropped, and the audio may be non-compliant as well.
    Use MediaInfo to get the files' properties.

    One way to do it:

    Re-encode with uncropMKV to get compliant resolution.
    Author with multiAVCHD.

    If the audio is screwed, there are various ways to fix, depending on what's wrong.
    But if you want easy, just author your uncropped output with tsMuxer and open with Ripbot.
    (Authoring first will allow you to copy video stream in Ripbot without further re-encoding).
    Select copy stream for video and re-encode your audio to AC3.
    I've been able to fix effed up audio with Ripbot that defied all my other attempts.

    Then proceed with multiAVCHD.
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