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  1. I am creating a video using Corel video studio -

    I have a video clip (.MTS file) in which the sound is quite distorted. I am attempting to sync the sound from the original sound file that was played when the video was being filmed - which is a .M4A file.

    However, when I import that into an audio track, that audio clip turns out to be slightly longer - about half a second to one second - which makes the synchronization quite messed up towards the end.

    What can I do to fix this - would converting the M4A file to some other format help (I already tried converting to .wav)?

    I am using Corel Video Studio Pro X6

    Anybody that can help urgently - I will very much appreciate it!

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    You could take that converted .wav file and run it through the freeware audio editor Audacity or a similar audio editor to change the length of it then mux it back with the video.

    But others here may have better suggestions. And welcome to our forums.
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  3. Thanks, redwudz - for the suggestion. I didn't have time to try it out - had to show my video to the audience over the weekend! So I stuck to the original distorted audio. I will try it out later!
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    That is what I do-convert. You can do it for other situations also. It generally works fine.
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