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  1. Hello everyone,

    I am looking for sofrware that can Batch Video Join (same video at beginning and end, different middle) a large bulk of videos.

    I want all the joined videos to have the same beginning clip and same ending clip, and on a bulk/batch action change which video is in the middle. To my amazement after much searching finding such software is not an easy task!

    For clarity sake, and for example, lets say that i have 30 videos that I would like to batch process, so that each of those videos end up with the same beginning video clip and same ending video clip all joined together, so that the software processes ALL 30 videos and joins them with the same beginning clip and ending clip. A joiner that "sandwiches" three videos merging them together, and can batch process large volumes of videos that go in the middle.

    I have a lot of videos that I would like to add an intro and ending to. Of course there is software that can do this, one joined task at a time manually, but I want to BATCH do this job.

    I did my best to describe the job I am trying to do, sorry for the repetition in my description, just wanted to be as clear as possible.

    If you guys wold be so kind as to tell me what batch video joining softwares are out there that i can use to do this job?
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    A script that calls ffmpeg should be able to do that, assuming your Beginning, End, and Middles are all very, very similarly encoded and are "stitchable" to begin with. In this way, you can losslessly join them (the process, not the codec).

    Otherwise, it's a matter of decoding, combining, and then re-encoding (using ffmpeg or maybe AVISynth).

    Alternately, one can script Vegas Pro to do such things.

    And then there's always the way my old production company used to do it: Record macro actions to control keyboard/mouse shortcuts that operate on clips in Avid Media Composer, ProTools, FinalCut, and Premiere. We used to literally do hundreds of commercial tags a week for State Farm Insurance, and that went on for years...

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  3. Hello Scott,

    Thank you for sharing your expertise. Very kind! Prior to choosing to research alternative software options here on this forum I had looked into Web Automation software, unfortunately the skill required to program them was out of my reach and the support required, I was quoted would cost thousands of dollars. I am surprised that no one has made software that can do this yet. Again thank you for your reply.

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