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  1. I love Potplayer as it is capable of handling 4k video, but I cannot figure out if there is a way to advance frame by frame as you can using VLC

    Is there a way to do this. I am also surprised you must go to several menus to make a screen capture. Is there a keyboard shortcut??
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    F - Next frame. (Also under Playback->Jump to->Next frame)
    D - Previous frame. (Also under Playback->Jump to->Previous frame)
    CTRL-E to take a source capture.
    CTRL-ALT-E to take screen capture.

    You can adjust those shortcuts under Preferences, General, Keyboard and click will also see the defaults keyboard shortcuts there.
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  3. Thanks much for your fast reply!!
    Could you pls tell me the difference between screen capture and a source capture?
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  4. Let's say you have loaded a 720p video in potplayer. And you watch it in fullscreen with a 1080p monitor.

    If you decide to take a source capture with Ctrl+E, no matter the window size of potplayer, you will get a 720p image. As the resolution of the video you are watching.

    If you decide to take a screen capture with Ctrl+Alt+E, you will get an image the size of the potplayer's window at that moment. Or, as is the case in this example, if you are in fullscreen mode, you will get an image of 1920x1080 resolution.
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    Is there a way, when advancing frame by frame, to change the OSD from timecode to frame number? would be awesome for playing back and QCing animations.
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