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  1. Everything is in the title. I needed to remuxe an AVI to a MKV in order to add chapters with mkvtoolnix and, althought I can't see any differences between the two, was wondering if the transfer itself cause any loss in quality (audio and video)

    Fwiw: the codec is xvid.

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  2. Originally Posted by zaerdy View Post
    Can I remuxe AVI to MKV without any loss in quality?
    Yes. Mkvtoolnix doesn't even have the ability to (re)encode anything so it can't change the quality.
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  3. AVI and MKV are only containers for video and audio muxed together. AVI is an old one whereas MKV is more modern and, besides audio and video, can contain subtitles, different audio tracks, chapters etc. As a side note, using MKV you could even add a time offset to audio if you find video and audio not being synchronised and you still maintain original quality. I am not sure if you could do it with AVI.
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  4. AVI supports audio delay/advance too.
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