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  1. Having a load of trouble trying to start Windows Live Movie Maker. Was working okay since buying
    computer about a year ago and suddenly for no apparent reason just will not start, which is
    typical bloody Windows. (Got Win 8.1, Intel Pentium 64 Bit, 4GB RAM)

    Haven't changed any settings or anything just clicked on start and it just comes up with the
    message Windows Movie Maker can not start.
    Have tried virtually everything it just will not start whatever I do so any advice would be welcome.
    Tried lots of ways, uninstalled with Revo Un-installer, cleared all the registry items,etc
    reinstalled twice but nothing!
    (And yes did reinstall after Win restart)
    Apparently this non start problem also is sometimes caused by not having the latest
    graphics/video card drivers, so checked that too and it's apparently the latest version, so
    should be okay.
    So basically at my wits end whatever I do the damn thing just will not start!
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    Do you have problems with any other programs?

    Tried right click on the windows live movie maker icon and choose Run as administrator?
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  3. Well, tried that, but nothing, always the same message- cant start (see pic)

    Only thing is when I installed i did not install the whole Windows Live package, but on installation options, clicked for Movie Maker only. But as option is given should think this has no bearing on the matter.

    Looking at installation folder, movie maker.exe is actually under "windows Live /photo gallery" not sure if thats right, but think might be as when installing it, options mentioned Movie Maker and Photo gallery together.

    PS Oh yeah in case someone wants to suggest try Win Restore, also tried that but as usual with bloody Windows the restore point you actually need is not there, but has disappeared into space somewhere in Planet Gates never to be seen again.
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  4. I would try to download it again.
    Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence -Carl Sagan
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  5. Originally Posted by TreeTops View Post
    I would try to download it again.
    Well, after 6 times, think kind of pointless now.
    Using avidemux now... anything to do with Microcrap will screw up sooner or later.
    If I could sue Gates for all the times wasted and frustrations over crap Windows problems over the years, I be a billionaire too I reckon.
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