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    I feel foolish asking this question but I've been beating my head against the wall and can't find a solution.

    I've recently started using DVD Styler and had very good success (with the help of user - videobruger).

    However, in my last several unsuccessful attempts, the initial menu screen is badly corrupted but the second menu screen and the videos are fine. If I click a button on the corrupted initial screen, it works as expected.

    I tried this with and without a template. I've also tried different video formats (avi, ts, mp4, mkv etc). The result is the same.

    Here are screen shots of the corrupted initial menu and the correct second menu screen.

    Does anyone have an idea of what may be wring?

    Subsequent edit.....
    Now I'm totally confused. I just tried to make the same DVD using DVD Flick and got exactly the same result.
    I'm trying to rationalize:
    - the video codecs (ffmpeg?) would be common to both programs but if this was a problem, the whole DVD would be corrupt.
    - my computer is common to both programs but I am not aware of any other problems.
    - I have recently upgraded from Win 8.1 to Win 10 but have created several successful DVDs since that time.
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  2. Your problem is your player - VLC.

    There is a bug. Last version without IFAIK is 2.1.5. A work around is tick "Loop" on your menu property.

    And while we are at VLC note that is as default for playing DVD start directly in the menu, ie skipping First Play command. This can be changed:
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    Once again videobruger, you are a STAR! ....and a wise one too.

    That fixed the problem. It's strange that I didn't encounter the same problem testing my previous DVD. I used VLC & an ISO as well.

    Regardless, the problem is fixed.

    Thank-you again!
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