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    I have videos stored on a Seagate network drive that I watch on my TV via a powerline network, connected to the TV via ethernet lead. As the netwrok drive is also connected to my BTinfinity Homehub 3, also can stream videos to my ipad2 and other wifi devices.

    My question is can I stream these videos stored on my network drive to the Amazon Fire Stick that is connected to my TV upstairs......via the WIFI network. There is no ethernet socket on this upstairs TV so WIFI is the only answer with regards to streaming. I am assuming it will be via some sort of APP loaded onto the Fire stick
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  2. not got a fire stick but i read a few reviews on amazon
    vlc sucks ass on the fire stick for network shares
    it dont work

    you can use ES File Explorer to navigate your network then play with vlc

    heres the amazon review

    Customer Review

    3.0 out of 5 stars Doesn't Work with Network Shares without ES File Explorer, 16 May 2015
    Andrew Gibson
    Verified Purchase(What is this?)
    This review is from: VLC for Fire (App)
    Fails miserably to connect to any SMB Network shares, despite claiming to support this functionality. I was really pleased to see VLC for my Amazon Fire TV stick, but this quickly changed when it became apparent that the app doesn't actually work. I will update this review if / when they fix it, as having the ability to browse and play files from an Amazon Fire Stick would be a massive asset.

    Edit: It is possible to install ES File Explorer on the Fire TV Stick. This provides the network browsing functionality that VLC lacks on the FireTV Stick. I.E. you can browse for local network video using ES File Explorer and open the Videos with VLC. You need to side load ES FileExplorer. The method I took was as follows:

    1. Download / Update Es File Explorer on my Samsung S4 Phone (any android device will do). Used an APK Extractor (free on the Playstore) to extract the APK. Went to and followed the instructions there.

    2. Once ES File Explorer on installed on the Fire TV, you won't find it in the app library on the home screen. You need to go to settings->applications and manually launch it.

    3. You can now browse network shares in EX File Explorer and Pick VLC to play them.

    or you can use these to get ES File Explorer
    on your fire stick

    guide here scroll down till you see
    Sideloading from Your Android Device


    guide here
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