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    I am fairly new to the blue ray ripping scene but I have over 2000 blue rays that I want to move to a 40 terra byte server I just had built. I have ripped a few using trial copies of DVDFAB and Makemkv and they seem to work most of the time but on about 1/3 of the ripped movies when I go to open them with VLC some have just One orange cone you click on and the movie plays great!! Other times when you open VLC there are multiple cones and they only play parts of the movie. 1. how do you get the multiple "cones"/file into one that my computer will play as one movie.
    2. Next some of my movies will play fine but the audio doesn't play or just skips around, when I go into the audio drop down I can choose another audio source that plays the audio but I get a narrator that talks during the film about what each scene is??

    I would appreciate any help anyone can give me and if there are any guys here in the Austin, Texas area I would love to meet up and trade stories etc. on how to convert all my movies to my media server.

    Thanks Mike
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    Please tell us how you rip. If you are using MakeMKV should you get one MKV file(cone?) for the main movie. Or do you get several mkv files?
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    Some movies have the main movie split into several m2ts files so that different versions can be put into the available space. This is called seamless branching. Others have extra protection whereby they use dozens of fake playlists, so you need to know the correct playlist for that movie. Usually, the decryption programs get updated to deal with these playlist issues.

    Do you want complete copies, menus, extras and all? Or do you want main movie only? If you just want the main movie, and this particular movie has seamless branching, you can run it through ClownBD to get rid of extras and make a copy with only one m2ts file. You need to decrypt first, before using ClownBD.

    I wouldn't advise using VLC for watching Blu ray. I prefer an old copy of TMT 5, but since it is no longer available, you might want to use Media Player Classic Home Cinema and run DVDFab Passkey in the background. No menu support however. By the way, DVDFab Passkey is available for free, for a limited time. You need to get it before December 7th. Scroll down that page and give them an email address for the key.

    A free program that can access Blu-ray menus most of the time is the Leawo Player.
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    You can edit your posts if needed. I changed AnyDVD to DVDFab.

    There are a lot of variations on how BDs are laid out and they sometimes don't make them easy to rip.
    If you look to the left on this page for 'WHAT IS' Blu-Ray you can see the structure.
    There can be several languages, lots of subtitles, different angles and even a directors comment version.

    Try opening a problem BD with BDInfo and it will show you probably the correct files for the main video.
    I've had to use tsMuxeR on a few to get exactly the right combination of video files.

    But others here may have some better suggestions.

    And welcome to our forums.
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  5. All three of these are great programs. I personally use makemkv for all my blueray and dvd ripping. VLC is rather good at playing the videos to. Unless you selected some usual options, I'm not sure where you have problems.

    My first concern is what is a cone? Do you mean that you are seeing the default VLC file icon in the folders? If you have the appropriate codecs installed you should actually see movie icons. The same is true for both Windows and Linux. So that could be one issue. Next, I find VLC does not deal well with samba mounts that are too slow. If your NAS is not keeping up, that can cause a number of playback issues. My best recommendation is if that is an issue, either try to resolve the speed issue or compress the movies with a program such as handbrake. A smaller file, will play better...

    DVDFab can be a bit trickier. As there are for more options you can use, and if you select the wrong one then you'll have issues. I personally only use DVDFab for creating ISO images. This is useful if you wish to use a program that requires an ISO. For example, today I'm trying to rip the Hobbit movies in 3-D with the program BDtoAVCHD. But that program will only recognize the source as 3D if it is an blu-ray disc, not an MKV. So DVDFab to the rescue...

    Oh, one other potential issue that can bite you. If the videos use the vc1 codec, it will causes most programs to fail. vlc can't consistently play vc1 codec videos, DVDFab does a poor job ripping them, etc. Usually you only see vc1 codec in some BBC videos. However, I have seen vc1 in Star Trek extra features and such. If the problem is VC1, the best program I've found for dealing with them is Hybrid. However, even that program has a few annoying bugs you have to work around to successfully rip your movies into a playable file. Fortunately, vc1 is used fairly rarely. Interlaced vc1 which causes the majority of the issues is even more rare.
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