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  1. Hey guys. Tell me if I understand this right.

    My system only has 64 mb of Dedicated Video Memory. It has 1632 mb of Shared System Memory for a Total Available Graphics Memory of 1696 mb.

    So if I'm watching an MP4 video on my computer that's 164 mb, does that mean 100 mb of Shared System Memory is dipped into (100 mb is taken away from my regular RAM) ?

    What determines how much Shared System Memory I have to dip into?

    I appreciate your help.
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    A system with only an addon gpu with its own memory shares only a small amount of system memory for cache and application runtime.

    An addon gpu without memory or system integrated gpu shares system memory.

    Onboard gpu use's system memory.

    A third type use's both.

    Name the gpu in use would get a better answer to the question

    If gpu has own dedicated memory and your system board includes onboard gpu then check bios settings are enabled for agp/pci/pci express ... which ever it supports and is installed as the addon gpu. This will release system resources used by onboard gpu for better performance.

    CPUZ is an application which can monitor system process's in memory.

    AMD and NVIDIA have dedicated monitoring applications which are more acurate.
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    The amount of RAM, shared or not, has nothing to do with video playback. Video files are read from the HDD as needed, with a small amount buffered in RAM by the video player. It's not affected by file size or the amount of video RAM. The only real function of large amounts of video RAM is storage for gaming.
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