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    Hi everyone I would like to know what of the more recent camcorders in the 1500 to 2000 dollar US range can produce a decent 3D movie?
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    There have been no new models of (specifically) 3D camcorders in the last ~year, AFAIK, so the existing array of models is what you will have to go on, unless you intend to shoot dual-camera (either Side-by-side, or Beamsplitter, or other).

    Decide what kind of footage you are intent on getting, then work your way backward to the kind of cam that would (within your budget) best get you those kinds of shots. There is quite a range of inter-axial (inter-occular) distances between the dual-lens/dual-sensor 3D cams, so some will lend themselves better to close distances or hypo-stereo, some to medium distances or ortho-stereo, and some to farther distances or hyper-stereo. NONE of the (existing) built-in dual-lens/dual-sensor cams accommodate toe-in, so you can only shoot parallel, not converged (unless you go with dual-cams).

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